Hursh Construction Limited is pleased to provide a growing number of clients within Essex and the surrounding areas with what can only be called superior levels of craftsmanship, professionalism and reliability. This partially arises from our years of experience within such a challenging sector as well as our ability to cater to the needs of each client in question. Our mantra has always been that a synergy of quality labour and unsurpassed technical competence are able to deliver timely results when they are required the most.

About Our Construction Work

When Only Professionals Will Do

Why have we been consistently able to supply quality professionals to a variety of third-party projects and companies? Much of this success revolves around our vetting processes.

Our team conducts thorough and rigid interviews to determine which candidates have the skills required for a specific position. After this initial consultation is completed, we perform a series of background checks and speak to any references. This provides us with an even more in-depth understanding of a specific applicant.

We also determine traits such as communication skills, flexibility and reliability. It is only after these metrics are determined that we begin the hiring process itself. However, our expertise does not end here.

Looking at the Big Picture

We are also extremely concerned about fulfilling all health and safety obligations. Not only does this ensure that the chances of an accident or injury occurring are drastically reduced, but our customers can be assured in the fact that all candidates will maintain a safe working environment during even the most challenging of tasks.

Ongoing Training and Support

We appreciate that the construction industry is evolving at a breakneck pace. Our expertise lies within these sectors:

  • Labour supply
  • Concrete works
  • Civil engineering projects
  • Diamond drilling
About Our Construction Groundwork

It should already be obvious that only the most qualified of resources need to be employed within any of these sectors. Therefore, Hursh Construction Limited provides all of the ongoing support and training that will be necessary. On-site meetings, “toolbox talks” and regular health and safety updates are all included within this targeted approach. The ultimate aim is to ensure that only the highest levels of safety are present within any work site. Furthermore, each and every employee is provided with immediate access to a senior-level executive in the event that a problem or grievance arises. Such levels of transparency are rarely seen in other firms.

Hursh Construction Limited is quite proud of our track record and this is one of the many reasons why countless firms have already employed our turnkey construction solutions. When only the best will do, our trained professionals are always here to help. We encourage you to contact us at your convenience to learn more or if you would like to take advantage of the kaleidoscope of options that we have to offer.